Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of protection does LIQUISEAL water-resistant treatment provide to my smart phone?

    It provides a powerful barrier – which protects the delicate electronics inside, as well as the sensitive touch screen on your device. What this strong, yet invisible barrier guards against is most everyday liquids and damaging moisture. Fluids that Flash Flood protects against include: water, soda, alcohol, tea, coffee, oils — and many more.

  • How often does my mobile phone need to have the water-resistant treatment?

    LIQUISEAL treatment coating inside components of your devices, if the device never exposure to water, it will last in one year or more like most other nanotechnology water-resistant solution on the market. We suggest you to coat again after one year to insure the best result.

  • Do I need to have water-resistant treatment again if my phone has been exposure to water or has been opened for repair?

    Yes. We suggest you to coat your device again since your waterproof coating protection might be damaged due to such action.

  • If my smartphone or tablet already has water-resistant feature, do I still need the treatment?

    You don't need the water-resistant treatment if your smartphone or tablet has water-resistant feature and already has been pre-coated from the manufacture when you purchased your device. However, since the coating usually last one year or more, we suggest you to have the treatment after one year but before two years.

  • Do you provide LIQUISEAL water-resistant treatment for the smartphones and tablets over 2 years old?

    Unfortunately we don't provide LIQUISEAL water-resistant treatment service to phones that are older than 2 years due to the dust accumulation that block components of the phone to influence the coating result.

  • How many smartphones or tablets can LIQUISEAL Nano Coating Machine treat in one hour?

    It can treat about 15-20 phones per hour.

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