LiquiSEAL Nano Glass Screen Protector

Not only do we protect your phone from water damage, with LIQUISEAL Nanocoating Glass Screen Protector your phones and tablets will also be protected from impacts, scratches, smudges and dust.

Our ALL - PROTECTION (Waterproof + Impact screen protection) protects your smartphones and tablets ALL - AROUND.

  • Ultra Clear Visibility

    99% luminousness

  • Super Slim


  • Impact Resistance

    Protect screens from external shocks

  • Anti-Shattering

    Less likely to cause injury

  • Anti-Scratching

    9H surface hardness

  • Anti-Fingerprints

    Oleophobic nano coating

  • 3D Delicate Touch

    Soft touch for screens

  • Ultra Easy to Apply

    Self-adhesive layer

  • Screen Protector

LiquiSEAL Nano Liquid Screen Protector

The most universal screen protector, Cover all devices just with one product Suitable for all smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Watches, TV Screens, Cameras Lenses, Glasses and Sunglasses.

Features and Functions

Product Features and Functions with LIQUISEAL: The screen becomes crystal clear again and the colors are even sharper. There’s no delay in responsiveness of the screen and it works seamlessly with 3D Touch technology.

  • Easy application and 100% bubble free
    Enjoy the HD experience of the screen display

  • More sensitive touch screen
    Reduce finger marks and smudges

  • Easy to clean screen
    Suitable for all electronic devices

  • Screen Protector