LiquiSEAL Services

LiquiSEAL advanced Water-Resistance Nanotechnology coating, the inside and outside components of smartphones and tablets with no need to take them apart.

Mobile phone Water-Resistant Protection including Nano Liquid Screen Protection

Our smartphones and tablets water-resistant treatment including LIQUISEAL Nano liquid Screen Protection treatment (Anti-Scratch, Anti-Smudge) can be done in just 10 minutes (for immediate best results, you have option to dry it in a LIQUISEAL machine for 20 minutes).

For services please visit our service center locations.

Mobile phone Water-Resistant Protection + Impact Glass Screen Protection

With the package favorable priced, our ALL Protection service (Water-Resistance treatment + Impact Glass Screen Protection) protects your smartphones and tablets all-around. Not only do we protect your phone from Water Damage, your device will also be impact-resistant, anti-scratch, anti-Smudge, and dust-proof.

  • Liquiseal Services
  • Liquiseal Services