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The World’s Fastest Economical Compact smartphones and tablet Water-Resistant System. 3 Minutes of coating time.

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The world's fastest economically automated compact martphone and tablet water-resistant coating system is specifically designed for small mobile phone retailers to provide waterproof service to thousands of their consumers for preventing data loss and untimely death of a smartphone or tablet because of water damage.

LIQUISEAL system (LIQUISEAL Nano Coating Machine with LIQUISEAL special formulated Nano coating) offers advanced nanotechnology highly water-resistant solution to protect your mobile devices damage cause by accidental exposure to water in just 3 minutes coating time.


    Coting time in just 3 minutes. Use your device immediately after coating is completed.


    Modern compact design fits any space in kiosk and retail shop.


    No need to take phone apart, fully automated machine controls the coating process.


    Pre-programed (programmable) operation system is very simple to use and easy to learn with minimal maintenance required.


    Low cost of the ownership system in the industry.


    Large 7” Touch‐Screen LCD Interface. Automatic Shutdown when process is done.

According to industry statistics, more than 82.5 Million mobile phones nationwide have been destroyed by water or moisture.


23% of iPhone owners when asked whether their display is currently broken,smashed or cracked in anyway. replied "yes.


The loss of a smartphone is not just about loss of the phone itself. It’s more about the loss of its treasured memories, connections, data, social networking and much more.

Accidental exposure to water could happen anywhere everywhere even without your expectation. LIQUISEAL water-resistant treatment can prevent smartphone or tablet water damage and protects against water, soda, alcohol, tea, coffee, oils — and much more. Here are some common cases:

  • Street: Talking in the rain
    Home: Baby Milk spills
    Wine spilled on your phone

  • Kitchen: Phone dropped in the sink
    Bathing: Phone fell into the bathtub
    Kids: Unexpected watergun fight

  • Swimming Pool: Splashed by pool water
    At Gym: Body Sweat
    Bathroom: Drop into the toilet

  • Common Cases
  • Common Cases
  • Common Cases
  • Common Cases
  • Common Cases
  • Common Cases
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  • Products

    • Water-resistant System

      Water-resistant System is Ideal for retailers, repair/service centers, mobile ventures, and kiosks.

    • Screen Protector

      With LIQUISEAL Nanocoating Glass Screen Protector we protect your phone from Impacts, scratches, smudges and dust.

    • Services

      With LIQUISEAL technology, we are able to coat the inside components of the mobile device and outside with no need to take the smartphone or tablet apart.


    Ownership of the LIQUISEAL smartphone and tablet water-Resistant system will enhance your business success. LIQUISEAL business solutions offer three options that will meet your requirements.

    • Purchase from us

      Ownership of the LIQUISEAL smartphone and tablet water-Resistant system will enhance your business success.

    • Available Leasing Options

      Distributor(s) please contact us for more details and information.

    • Partnerships

      Retailors who are interested in this business can also join our partnership program. Please contact us for more details and information.
      (*only for qualified mobile phone/accessory retailers and repair centers)

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